Mapping Native New Hampshire

Blogging, I’ve found, can be highly addictive, and can lead you straight into other time-consuming digital hobbies. I’m becoming interested in collaborative mapping. How would it change the way people look at, say, a “white” (not!) state like New Hampshire, if a group of people INDIGENIZED this space. . .?

I would be very interested to hear recommendations for additional links!


3 thoughts on “Mapping Native New Hampshire

  1. Hey Siobhan – thought ti was so cool that this post had an option saying “Screen reader users, click here for plain html” but when I linked there it said a “Lost in Space” episode: Warning! Wanring! Framing forbidden frame! Ah, weel, just wanted you to know I’m out re linking to your blog — hope this one gets lots of comments…

  2. This was a nice way to map the various Native American sites in the state. Thanks for the work that probably went into the creation of the “pins” and subsequent explanations that popped up–complete with directions!

    Alice Azure

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